Sude Raalo

Neimoidian Fencer/Info Broker


Old, crinkly man, probably somehow involved in the Clone Wars, gave the PCs the job for the Remote Processor, which made him RICH, BITCH!

But his windfall was his own undoing. Renting the RemPro got the Miners Guild unemployed from TaggeCo, a Corporation notorious for it’s underhanded methods, which lead the Miners Guild to hire the PCs to get the RemPro back, which they effectively took away access from TaggeCo, so it’s seems like they got away scott free… but at what cost to their relationship with Raalo? Has Dr Lootoon decided to stay with the right side on this decision, or is he really just siding with a psychopathic Captain and a bloodthirsty crew?

When we last saw Sude walking off, he was grumbling about having to contact his grandson, what’s their connection?

Sude Raalo

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