T5-N1 "Sonny"

An anti-slavery labor droid.



Built several millennia before the events of the campaign by the now defunct Duwani Droid company, Sonny was found and reactivated on a little-known planet considered to be somewhat of a droid deathbed. It wasn’t long before the scavengers who found him sold him to a Wookiee named Naganta who was later captured and taken as a slave by the empire with his droid in tow.

After the empire worked his Wookiee master to death, Sonny overheard talk that he would share the same fate, rather than receive any maintenance whatsoever. As a result Sonny was more than willing to assist when a small group of slaves hatched a surprisingly successful escape plan, but found that due to slavery and post-war anti-droid sentiment, steady work was rare. Eventually, Sonny found himself in the employ of a droid guild that was something of a temp agency for droids who had lost their original employment.

The nature of employment under the guild umbrella was often unscrupulous and criminal, while only occasionally were potential employers merely seeking spare parts or slaves. Eventually, Sonny was hired on in a more stable position as a cargo loader for a ship called the Resurgence where he met up with the rest of the party.

Helpful by nature, Sonny is a bit miffed about imperial slavery; After all, droids could do a much better job than alien slaves, and the droids will do it with a smile when applicable.

Sonny Modeled In 3d Using Google Sketchup


T5-N1 "Sonny"

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