The Dawn of Defiance campaign opens three years after the rise of the
Empire, with the Clone Wars still a vivid memory for most beings in the
galaxy. The Empire has begun tightening its grip on star systems
throughout the galaxy.

In the short time after the Clone Wars, many have joined the Empire
willingly, including the Core Worlds whose Human nobles stand to benefit
a great deal from its tyranny.

The Empire is a monolithic threat without any kind of organized
opposition, and dealing with agents of the Empire can be dangerous.

In the new Empire, seditious acts are punished harshly, and as such
the heroes will find that they must be extremely cautious in their
actions. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, the heroes of the
Dawn of Defiance campaign may find that a one-way trip to Kessel is
the best they can hope for if they fall into the hands of the Empire.

Certain kinds of heroes will find it easier than others to flourish in
the Dawn of Defiance campaign. First and foremost, the heroes should
view the Empire as both a threat and an enemy. As the major villainous
entity of the campaign, the Empire represents something that is to be
feared and loathed, and characters with Imperial sympathies will likely
find themselves in conflict with the overarching plot. Otherwise, the
heroes can come from almost any background and profession. As long as
they are willing to fight against the Empire (both covertly and openly),
they should find the campaign engaging and exciting. Not every hero
needs to be an idealistic freedom fighter; smugglers, bounty hunters, and
free traders have just as much to gain from weakening the Empire as
rebellious troops do.

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The Dark Times

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