Brentaal IV

Sel Zonn Station

Intersected by the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way, Brentaal IV is a small planet covered with starports, industrial facilities, and prosperous trade markets. The rugged terrain of this dry planet pushes the population into deltas and valleys resulting in major overpopulation.

Brentaal IV once suffered from high levels of pollution, though this has been alleviated somewhat.

Due to the original settlers callous practices, most native species have died off.

Brentaal IV is efficiently run by the Brentaal Houses, including the Okeefe House, and life on the planet centers on trade, commerce, and profit. Representatives meet daily in the capital’s Trade Hallto discuss economic policy. Many citizens are involved, one way or another, with the planets trade or shipping, and many megacorporations are based on Brentaal IV.

Brentaal IV also has a distinct cuisine, served widely around the galaxy.

Brentaal IV

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