Renowned galaxywide for its unspoiled beauty, Alderaanians worked with and around the land to preserve as much of the natural surroundings as they could.

Alderaanian culture valued education, the performing and fine arts, and peaceful resolutions to conflicts. They placed high value in their participation in the Galactic Senate—and later, its Imperial equivalent.

An average Alderaanian was very educated and cultured. Poets and artists thrived on Alderaan. The beauty moved the pens of poets, while the vast grasslands served as a canvas for grass paintings.

Alderaan was also famous for its cuisine. The large variety of spices and herbs allowed chefs to experiment and create some of the finest dishes in the galaxy. Steamed Alderaanian spiced wine was a favored beverage among many.

Clone Wars

As a whole, Alderaan strongly opposed the Military Creation Act, they had their own Alderaan Security Detail, but remained loyal to the Republic during the Clone Wars. Alderaan allowed Refugee Relief Movement settlement by displaced exiles from Separatist worlds who wished to remain Republic citizens. Due to its assistance of these exiles, Alderaan was attacked personally by General Grievous.

With the rise of the New Order, the Galactic Empire violently terminated the Jedi Praxeum on the planet, though a few students escaped. Shortly afterwards, a Jedi Knight led a remnant of the Caamasi people to settle on Alderaan after Palpatine desolated Caamas.


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