Ue-Li Dragonstar

A talented young renegade orphan, Ue-Li knows he has yet to see even a fraction of what the Force has in store for him.


Ue-Li Dragonstar, Human Jedi 1

STR 13, +1 ~ Dex 14, +2 ~ Con 13, +1 ~ INT 10, +0 ~ WIS 15, +2 ~ CHA 14, +2

Health: 31 ~ Reflex: 14 ~ Fortitude: 13 ~ Will: 14 ~ BAB: +1

SKILLS: Acrobatics +7, Initiative +7, Use the Force (Perception) +12 FEATS: Force Sensitivity, WP (Lightsabers, simple), Force Training, Skill Focus (UtF)

TALENTS: Force Perception POWERS: Farseeing, Force Disarm, Conceal

GEAR: Lightsaber w/concealed holster, stun baton, audio recorder, jet pack and replacement fuel pack, utility belt w/o tool kit (contains 3 food capsules, medpac, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, cable dispenser, 2 empty pouches), 20 credits



Ue-Li Dragonstar has been an orphan for as long as he can remember. Afflicted by eye tumors as a child, Ue-Li’s cure left him blind. Somehow though, he and his sighted sister, Rei-Ka, protected each other throughout their youth.

Slowly, Ue-Li learned to see without sight, and one his eleventh year, Rei-Ka, for whatever reason, left Ue-Li to fend for himself. Quickly maturing, Ue survived by learning that knowing who to trust and how helping people builds strong bonds are powerful lessons indeed.

Life became tough for him in the lower levels of Coruscant as the days went by and the seasons grew colder. The helpful hands and the kind souls guiding him through dark nights became less and less, until, staring at a guttering flame in an icy black crevice of the underwastes, alone to let his mind wander, Ue-Li came to know the harsh will of the Force.

It was again by the will of the Force that he met Pliss Dyt, a shapeshifting scoundrel with just the right knavery to teach Ue the wily tricks of survival necessary to get by in the anarchy of the underwastes. Despite his sincere mentorship of Ue, one day Pliss disappeared with Ue’s lightsaber, a mysterious lifelong inheritance of both Ue and Rei, the only clue Ue knows of as to who they were, or who their family was.

Grown stronger but left disillusioned, Ue-Li attended the universally public academy of Coruscant, where he tested into CompNor, a whole story on it’s own. Escaping CompNor a wanted person and having nearly died at the hands of an eerie and brutal warrior, Ue was rescued by a strange dark woman, who gave him a message of warning and hope, taught him a long and tortuous riddle, and finally, gave him a learner’s lightsaber before they parted ways.

As the curse of the stalker nipped at his heels, Ue-Li ran as far and as fast as he could, becoming an expert at planethopping as he deciphered the dark woman’s riddle twist by twist, honing his understanding of the Force behind all things one small piece at a time.

Ue (under different names) kept himself afloat by working odd jobs from spaceport to spaceport, and it was then and there, on a spaceport seemingly just like all the rest, near Brentaal IV, that Ue-Li Dragonstar would find what he only presumes will be just another odd job…

Ue-Li Dragonstar

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