A Gand Scout


Gand, Gand Scout 1

STR 12, +1 ~ Dex 15, +2 ~ Con 14, +2 ~ INT 14, +2 ~ WIS 14, +2 ~ CHA 9, -1

HP: 26 ~ Reflex: 14 ~ Fortitude: 13 ~ Will: 14 ~ BAB: +0

SKILLS: Endurance +7, Initiative +7, Mechanics +7, Perception +7, Pilot +7, Stealth +7, Survival +7

FEATS: WP (Rifles), WP (Pistols), WP (Simple Weapons), Shake It Off, Point-Blank Shot

TALENTS: Acute Senses,

Racial Abilities: Limb Regeneration, Dark-vision, Hardy

GEAR: Breather, 1 years worth of breather filters, Trans-literator, Stun Baton w/ Holster, Short Range Com-link, Toolkit, 2 power packs, EE-3 Blaster Carbine w/Retractable stock and targeting scope, sturdy brown leather duster w/hood,


Gand grew up in a small village on the home world. As a small child he was like almost every other gand; serving the greater good, with almost no self identity. He conformed.He was a part of something larger. But then there was an accident; while gathering some fruit that was particularly delicious out side of the village, he came upon off worlders- separatists who were there on a mineral gathering mission. they looked dangerous, untrustworthy, and completely interesting.
They enslaved the nearby villagers, and set them to work mining the valuable minerals that they had come to gand to steal.
It was during their stay there that gand started to show his budding independence, much to the chagrin of the other villagers.
One of the off worlders was a Duro named Alth-tari, a scout and smuggler who went to rim planets and looked for minerals and other natural resources, and then sold the maps to the highest bidder. He was a mercenary of sorts, and hard. But gand and his thirst for knowledge and wonder at the stories Alth-Tari told of the larger galaxy, softened the stone exterior of the mercenary.
While his friendship with the alien Alth-Tari grew, the other gand started to shun him; he was left out of communal meals, other young gand would not play with him, and communication started becoming something that simply did not happen between him and other gand.

After an altercation between Alth-tari and one of the mining supervisors, the duros decided that it was time to leave; an excellent choice, as the local gand authorities had caught on to the activity of the separatist miners, and were quick approaching the area.
gand begged Alth-tari to take him on his ship, Griffin, an elderly and run down YG-4210 light freighter.
Alth-tari, aware of the impending danger and angry gand locals, quickly agreed, shoving the young gand through the door and into the Griffin.

Over the next five years Alth-tari and gand traveled across the galaxy, smuggling small items, acting as a legal courier service, and sometimes scouting natural resources. Alth-tari taught gand how to pilot a ship, perform basic maintenance on Griffin and many other useful skills that he had learned. He made many friends over the years, in many different places, of many species. He was glad to meet new people, and Alth-tari and Griffin’s movements across the galaxy make this possible.

Scouting iron on a backwards rim planet, Alth-tari aroused the suspicion of a group of anti-alien Imperialists. During the conflict that followed, Alth-tari was gravely wounded. After reaching Sel Zonn, Alth-tari died, his grave wound poisoning his blood. grief ridden over the person who had cared for him for the last five years, gand is barely responsive when hailed by an Imperial ship; his home is confiscated, and he is lucky to escape with his life and freedom, a debt he owes to a young female imperial officer.

Now gand is destitute except for a few credits and his belongings, grief ridden on a strange station where he knows no one. He is far from his home world and culture, never able to go back to that world until he has done great things to benefit gand. He dreams of a day when he will be able to go back to Gand and tell them about the galaxy; about its many wonders, and many peoples.
but now, there is no way he can achieve this… he doesn’t even have a place to stay!
Unless—that face—over there, next to the bothan, that human; that human looks like someone gand knows! possibilities open up, and he approaches the old friend…


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