Switch was covered in shiny, ebony-colored plating. He was fitted with standard protocol droid systems, including a processor, a vocabulator, a translation unit, and hand appendages.

A rival to the local crime lord Gunga Lor, Switch deals in the trade of information. As a protocol droid, Switch carries himself in the manner of a Coruscant born nobleman, serving exotic drinks to clients, eloquent yet matter of facts dialogue, and a strange tick of replicating human blinking with his photoreceptors.

Making a deal with Rei Ka, Gand, and Tajjacca, Switch gives the heroes the location of Maya’s cargo, an Alderaanian agent frozen in carbonite. In return, the three adventurers agree to supply Switch with valuable information when his agents come to them.

Upon concluding their business, Gunga Lor decides to pay Switch a visit, a handful of thugs in tow, but the heroes make quick work of them.


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